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The Annual Sheep Roundup: Réttir

Look beyond the Superbowl and Halloween this autumn and try something new! Every year in autumn, Icelandic farmers have a tradition of rounding up all of their sheep, and sometimes wild horses, on hills, in valleys, and across rivers. It’s a fun, physical adventure...



Atop black stone cliffs, sheets of rectangular stone leaning on one another like fallen dominos, a quiet serenity fills the air. Looking out from Kálfshamarsvik, it feels as if you’ve reached the end of the world. For as far out as the eye can...


The Magic of Hveravellir in North Iceland

Hveravellir is beautiful nature reserve nestled in between two mighty glaciers. It’s famed for its smoking fumaroles and hot sprints. The site is located along the Kjolur route in the West Highlands of Iceland. It’s set right between the two major Icelandic cities of...


Elves in the Icelandic myth

Huldufólk is a term used for elves in the Icelandic myth. Huldufólk is a combination of two words which are “Huldu and “folk”. Huldu is an expression used to describe something meant to be kept as a secret while folk is a general term...

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