B&S Restaurant, Nordurlandsvegur 4, 540 Blonduos, Iceland.

  • Call : 354 453 5060 / We are open from 11:00 till 21:00

B&S Restaurant

The Restaurant has been in business since the year 2007. we want to take good care of you and your family,so you will enjoy your moments at the B&S Restaurant as much as possible. Our goal is to make your visit enjoyable and fun, we want B&S Restaurant to be one of the best places for you and your family. Therefore we are always working on making our menu more healthy. Most soups are made from fresh vegetables and gluten-free.we do not use white sugar. We use just leaven yeast and leaven in our bread. We do not put MSG in our food. - Bjorn Thor Kristjansson
B&S Restaurant

Meet Our Team


Björn Þór Kristjánsson

Director - Owner 


Edin Aslani




B&S – A Family Restaurant

B&S Restaurant is a comfortable restaurant by the ring road in Blönduós town in North-West Iceland.

Our ambition is to offer first class food and friendly service at a reasonable price. We like our guests to have not only a good recreation but a pleasurable time in our restaurant.

Our broad menu selection includes meat and fish dishes from superb raw material, vegetarian and pasta dishes, Indian dishes, a variety of soups and small dishes and a salad bar. We also offer some traditional fast food like pizzas and hamburgers.

Private parties
B&S Restaurant offers buffets and menus for groups and catering service for various occasions, such as birthdays, marriages or confirmations.
If you have a celebration in mind, please contact us and we will organise the event for you in accordance with your wishes..