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The Northern Lights are the visual result of solar particles entering the earth’s magnetic field at high atmosphere and ionising.
They appear as dancing lights high in the sky and vary in colour. The lights usually appear green, but occasionally also purple, red, pink, orange and blue.
Their colours depend on the elements being ionised.
Solar activity is not regular, however. Even if it is a dark, clear night, there could still be absolutely no chance of seeing the auroras, as there simply might not be any solar activity.
It also means that on a midsummer day, the sky could be alive with Northern Lights, but they are simply obscured by the brightness of the sun.
Iceland, which sits at the latitude of approximately 65° north, is therefore ideally located to see the aurora. And there is the Blonduos, our small place full protected from outside world and lucky for us in isolation of this new covid19 virus.

So, we can say we have the perfect position for development our business in restaurant

industry. In our place there is no cases of this virus, we can do our things normal like every day. One of our staff members go to walk last night and he catch some aurora borealis. If you intend to visit Blonduos, you can come to B&S RESTAURANT and ask our team about lookout for aurora. They will inform you about everything. Weather is changeing from hour to hour, but now it is mostly sunny whit a little windy. In the restorant we are have taken action abot how we protect our guests and how to protect our self, safe is on our first place, not related on this virus we always make sure that our guests get perfect and clean service. Here is the picture of aurora taken last night in Blonduos, if you need safe place for enjoyment we waiting for you! Best wishes from our team. See you soon.