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If you really want to see and experience the laid back Icelandic life, theres no place better to visit than the Blonduos. Blonduos, which means the mouth of the river Blanda is a town in the north of Iceland which is also one of the most busiest tourists spots in Iceland. Through the town of Blonduos flows one of the biggest rivers known as the Blanda; through the walk from the path along its banks to the mouth of the river is pretty romantic where you can see some exceptional views of the open ocean as well. In other words, if you love exploring natural beauty, this is where you should head to.

It is a sea side town which is located on the Northern side that means the temperatures are usually colder. This is the reasons why most tours and trips for Blonduos are planned and scheduled during the summer time. Most hotels aren’t open here for business during the winters; however, some are open through out the year. So make sure you plan your trip accordingly. Here is what you can see and do on your trip to Blonduos.

Besides discovering the natural beauties of Blonduos, if you are looking for something else to do, then you have plenty of other options too. Blonduos surely knows how to cater all sort of people which is why you can come here and do some activities like angling and shooting, swimming in the towns swimming pool, bird watching, horse riding etc. The Yndisgardur is a nice park that is also one of the famous attractions here in town with a variety of beautiful plants. A small gold course is also located here as well. You might also want to give a chance to visiting the Sea Ice Exhibition Center, Handi Craft Museum and the most famous Textile Museum, the only one of its kind in the entire Iceland.

Not only the activities are something you should do but when it comes to accommodation options, Blonduos know how to treat you well. Hotels, chalets and guest houses with saunas and hot pots are an offer that excites every other visitor here. You can also find some excellent spots for camping with facilities. When it comes to eating out, Blonduos is blessed with lots of options. There is a wide range of eating places from grills to cafes and restaurants.