B&S Restaurant, Nordurlandsvegur 4, 540 Blonduos, Iceland.

  • Call : 354 453 5060 / We are open from 11:00 till 21:00

B&S restaurant and how it’s great for groups

B&S restaurant as we all know is one of an amazing restaurants. And it’s surely one of the most loved restaurants by people who come here. First of all because of its traditional touch, it is considered as big traditional family restaurant in the North Iceland. Second amazing thing about this place is how well they serve the local food of North Iceland in here. It includes amazing vegetarian meals at number of restaurant, there are great salad and soup bar restaurants. Burgers and pizzas are also served here. And how can we forget sea food. Everything is here, in short the restaurants just awaits for you to try out its amazing, amazing food.

This restaurant works day and night to become one of your favourite places. And there is no doubt how exceptionally the place has tried it’s best to offer you the best. Whether it means in terms of better food, better service or healthier food. The restaurant tries every possibility to reach to customers. And in order to promise such great quality, it does so by having skilled kitchen and extensive experienced people who really know how to cook. The restaurant really believes that the greater experience a person has in cooking, the more amazing food it is going to serve to the people.

The restaurant when it comes to serving healthier food, it makes sure not only they say it, they actually do it. The people working in the kitchen make sure they don’t use meat bouillon, MSG, white sugar or dry yeast in the food. And only focus on using pure spices for food. They only use leaven in the bread, and bake the bread themselves. When it comes to soups white flour is not used in the soups. There is a salad bar fresh which serves healthy salads that are only made in the restaurant. The restaurant even makes its own ice-cream and all deserts without the preservatives. On the pan, they make sure they only use sunflower oil. Hamburgers here are made from fresh beef meat which directly come from the farmer.

How can we forget to talk about tea? The tea here is a quality tea which is imported from the best areas of China. High quality coffee beans are used and to make them, high quality expresso coffee makers are used. All the food sauces even, they are made at B&S restaurant.

Now, a little help here is required. Since above is all the details of how much we care about our customers when it comes to delivering the best food. We want to make B&S restaurant one of the best in Iceland. Therefore, this place since its beginning in 2007, it has been working hard to make its menu more and more healthy. So, you people keep coming to us. Because for us, you guys matter the most and we want to make sure that our restaurant becomes a source of your happiness.