B&S Restaurant, Nordurlandsvegur 4, 540 Blonduos, Iceland.

  • Call : 354 453 5060 / We are open from 11:00 till 21:00


Who doesn’t know about the King of mountaineering in Iceland, it is undoubtedly Fjalla-Eyvindur, he had great navigation skills which kept him alive and he survived 40 years even when he was being on a run in the Icelandic highlands. In order to pay him tribute, Eyvindarstofa was constructed. This place is mystical and along that it has its unique attractiveness. This place is highly visited by general public as well as travelers as it can help them experience uniqueness in the region.
Eyvindarstofa can be found in Blönduós, North West Iceland. It is a themed restaurant which can seat up to 70 people at a single time. It is one of the traditional family restaurants in Iceland, as it offers some of the best traditional cuisines. Here you can eat variety of lamb meat. If you’re looking for fish and chips restaurant in North Iceland even for that this restaurant is the ideal choice, you can taste and experience the best trout here. However, if you are into the native cuisine you can get the Icelandic herbs and flavors here as well!
What makes this place special is due to the fact that all the guests can enjoy a monologue about Eyvindur’s endeavours and how he managed to go about in his life. All of this can be tracked throughout the café with different pictures and texts. Eyvindarstofa’s interior is designed like a cave, giving the ambiance a different style and along with the theme the dinnerware is a copy of Eyvindur’s tiniest wicker baskets. All of this worthy experience is enhanced when the food is served. The food served is in plates and in bowls which are in accordance to the crafts of Mountain-Eyvindur. This feature is very attractive for people, be it young children or adults, everyone gets fascinated by this unique style of the restaurant.
The size of Eyvindarstofa is 72 square meters is designed by Gunnar Tr. Halldórsson who is an exhibition designer. Along other spots Eyvindarstofa also offers a dining room which is 109 square meters in size, making the place more spacious and giving all the guests their desired space as well. People in general like it because it is a new addition to Iceland, and it attracts many people die to its unique style but a lot of people prefer it due to their need of having good connectivity to outside world. There are good meeting facilities with wireless internet and projectors which provide people easy and comfort.