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The Magic of Hveravellir in North Iceland

Hveravellir is beautiful nature reserve nestled in between two mighty glaciers. It’s famed for its smoking fumaroles and hot sprints. The site is located along the Kjolur route in the West Highlands of Iceland. It’s set right between the two major Icelandic cities of Reykjavik and Akureyri, the Northern capital, about 200km from either. But don’t let the long drive deter you.

The drive itself is a sight to bask in. The Kjolur route is easier known as route number F35. It runs between Gullfoss and Blondudal. The route is only accessabel by 4X4 vehicles. The landscape along the drive is an endless rocky abyss, giving the illusion almost of being on a completely different planet. You’re completely surrounded by nature except for the road ahead of you. This feeling is a big part of what makes Iceland such a fantastic place to visit year-round. After you pass through the barren rocky terrain of middle Iceland, you’re greeted by a glistening oasis – Hveravellir. It’s been labelled as being the most beautiful geothermal area that all of Iceland has to offer.

Once you arrive in Hveravellir, a new set of magical experiences awaits. This geothermal area between two glaciers, Langjökull and Hofsjökull is home to vast open blue skies and boiling hot springs that still spout water. The unique pools here are unique in their constant flow of both hot and cold water, meaning you’re provided with a nice temperature regulated bath to sit back and relax in. The water temperature varies, but hovers between 19 and 39 degrees Celcius.

The constantly water flow makes the geothermal pools self-cleaning. The water here is also scientifically proven to have medicinal qualities, helping with healing and relaxation. Located around the pool are fumaroles, which are boiling mud pools that make roaring sounds. From the pool, you’re met with a breath-taking view of the Kjalhraun lava field and Langjökull. Before (or after!) taking a dip in the pool, treat yourself to some of the other fun activities that Hveravellir has to offer.

Numerous Walking Routes

Hveravellir offers more to do than take a nice hot bath and bask in gorgeous natural views. You can also jump aboard an ATV tour and get an exciting adventure tour to educate you about the area and show you all of the best places the area has to offer. There are also numerous walking routes if you’d like to get some exercise in during your stay. Rjupnafell, Thjofadalir, Jokulkrok are some trails that will take to the glacier Langjökull, some even take you on to the glacier.

If you take a walk around Hrutfell, you can get an overview of the entire area and all the beauty they have to offer. Looking for a little more adventure? Rent a horse and ride over to the horse riding trails. There are various tours that you can take on horseback on age-old trails that only horses can navigate.

Another place you can visit from Hveravellir is the 8000-year-old Kjalhraun lava field. This huge 180km squared field has numerous interesting walking routes and even a massive circular crater you can visit. Kjalhraun also has lava caves that can be toured by those a little more on the dare devil side. The lava fields alone are incredible. The lava has taken all sorts of shapes and formations. It has been said that in some spots, “it looks like the earth has just cracked and opened up” where steam can be seen coming from these deep fissures.

On site, there are 2 houses available for accommodation. These are by no means small houses, either. One accommodates 33 people, and the other accommodates 20 people. There is turn down services and bedding available. During the summer, a restaurant opens to feed up to 25 hungry travellers. If you’re traveling during winter, have no worries, as the restaurant will still open if you reserve it in advance.

If you’re traveling to Iceland or planning a future trip, don’t leave Hveravellir out of your travel itinerary. This incredible ecological marvel is an unforgettable site. There’s something for everyone in Hveravellir, from relaxation baths in the geothermal pool to adventure tours on horseback. The trip there is a destination in and of itself, giving you no reason to skip over this glistening gem in the Icelandic West Highlands.